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Kiss Of Fire - Billy Eckstine
1. Two Loves Have I 2:43
2. Fool That I Am 2:49
3. No Orchids For My Lady 2:58
4. A Senorita's Bouquet 3:08
5. If Love Is Trouble 2:58
6. Fool's Paradise 2:37
7. You're Wonderful 2:55
8. Someone To Watch Over Me 3:12
9. Lost In A Dream 2:56
10. Baby Won't You Say You Love Me 2:51
11. My Destiny 2:56
12. Roses 2:54
13. The Show Must Go On 2:47
14. When You Return 3:08
15. I'm Yours To Command 3:12
16. What Will I Tell My Heart 2:40
17. Enchanted Land 3:04
18. I've Got My Mind On You 2:36
19. A Weaver Of Dreams 3:22
20. Take Me Back 2:45
21. A Room With A View 2:59
22. Kiss Of Fire 2:28
23. Never Like This 2:48
24. Be Fair 2:20
25. Come To The Mardi Gras 2:32

Title: Kiss Of Fire
Artist: Billy Eckstine
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1019
Barcode: 5055122110194
Release Date: 21 July 2003

Billy Eckstine needs little introduction. Known as "Mister B" - his creamy bass-baritone, his chiselled handsomeness, and his smart dressing guaranteed pop stardom in the post war years, and few will dispute that he was the first African-American pop superstar.

He became the first black entertainer whose sex appeal got across to white America. It came not only because of his good looks but because it was a part of his musicality, showmanship, and personality. The way he crooned a ballad made the screaming bobby-soxers, white and black, crowd the stage door at every venue he performed at.

The durable talents of Eckstine spanned not only the decades but the ever changing musical tastes of different generations and he recorded well into the 1980s having started his solo career as a "pop" singer and finishing as a "jazz" singer.

Billy Eckstine was part of an elite circle of "classy" artists and his 25 performances in this collection are a testament to that. Most are appearing on CD for the very first time.

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