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Love From Judy - Original London Cast

1. a) Introduction/Mardi Gras - Chorus b) I Never Dream When I'm Asleep - Jean Carson c) A Touch Of Voodoo - Adelaide Hall 4:35
2. a) Love From Judy - Bill O'Connor b) Daddy Longlegs - Jean Carson c) What Do I See In You - Johnny Brandon & Audrey Freeman d) Here We Are - June Whitfield 4:45
3. a) Go And Get Your Old Banjo - Jean Carson b) Kind To Animals - Adelaide Hall c) I Ain't Gonna Marry - Company 4:26
4. a) My True Love - Bill O'Connor b) Dum-Dum-Dum - June Whitfield c) Love From Judy - Jean Carson & Bill O'Connor 4:39
5. A Kiss To Build A Dream On - Jean Carson & Bill Lowe 2:08
6. Hug Me A Hug - Jean Carson & Bill Lowe 2:19
7. Barrels And Barrels Of Roses - Jean Carson 2:14
8. Slow Coach - Johnny Brandon 2:55
9. Oodles Of Noodles - Johnny Brandon 2:00
10. Painting The Clouds With Sunshine - Johnny Brandon 2:35
11. One For The Wonder - Johnny Brandon 2:14
12. The Glow Worm - Johnny Brandon 2:36
13. I'll Be Hangin' Around - Johnny Brandon 2:38
14. Vanity - Adelaide Hall 2:22
15. How Many Times - Adelaide Hall 2:28
16. "Hans Christian Andersen" - Part 1 - David Hughes, Gary Miller, Jean Carson, Johnny Brandon 3:26
17. "Hans Christian Andersen" - Part 2 - Johnny Brandon, Jean Carson, Bill Lowe, Glen Mason, Gary Miller 3:28
18. "Peter Pan" - Part 1 - Gilbert Harding; Narrated by Jean Metcalf 3:14
19. "Peter Pan" - Part 2 - Jean Carson, Hermione Gingold, Gary Miller; Narrated by Jean Metcalf 3:31
20. Dancing With Someone - June Whitfield 2:50
21. Seven Lonely Days - June Whitfield 2:05
22. Bye Bye Baby - June Whitfield 2:21
23. Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - June Whitfield 2:47
24. I Ain't Gonna Marry - Eve Boswell 2:46

Title: Love From Judy (plus bonus tracks)
Artist: Original London Cast
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1026
Barcode: 5055122110262
Release Date: 16 February 2004

Here at last is the CD release of the British hit musical of 1952/3 - "Love From Judy" starring a host of home grown talent - Jean Carson, June Whitfield, Johnny Brandon, Barbara Windsor etc along with Adelaide Hall and Bill O'Connor.

Adapted from the play "Daddy Long Legs", it was amazingly fortunate that the ideal Jerusha Abbot (Judy) should have been in the talented person of Jean Carson, who shot to stardom overnight for her delightful interpretation of the orphan who falls in love with her guardian. What is most pleasing is that "Love From Judy" succeeded amongst a crop of fine American musicals playing in London. "Judy" chalked up a very respectable 600 performances in the West End before touring the country, and breaking attendance records at every venue it played. Jean Carson went on to conquer America as Jeannie Carson hosting her own television show, June Whitfield has become an icon through "June and Terry" and "Ab Fab", and Barbara Windsor is today a household name via her appearances in the "Carry On" films and "Eastenders".

All tracks have been re-mastered and we have searched through archives to find you additional rare tracks that have never appeared on CD, let alone LP. Bonus tracks featured on this CD include recordings by Jean Carson, Johnny Brandon, Adelaide Hall, Eve Boswell, Hermione Gingold, David Hughes, Gary Miller, Gilbert Harding and June Whitfield.

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