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Selections from Wish You Were Here - Original London Cast
1. Camp Kare-Free Song - Mark Baker 1:32
2. Nicer Than People - Elizabeth Larner & Shani Wallis 1:43
3. Ballad Of A Social Director - Dickie Henderson 2:50 
4. Shopping Around - Shani Wallis 3:28
5. Mix And Mingle - Bruce Trent 2:24
6. Could Be - Elizabeth Larner 2:31
7. Tripping The Light Fantastic - Ensemble 1:33
8. Where Did The Night Go - Bruce Trent & Elizabeth Larner 2:33
9. Certain Individuals - Shani Wallis 1:58
10. They Won't Know Me - Bruce Trent 2:48
11. Summer Afternoon - Christopher Hewett 2:48 
12. Don José Of Far Rockaway - Dickie Henderson 2:18
13. Everybody Loves Everybody - Shani Wallis 1:20
14. Wish You Were Here - Bruce Trent 2:54
15. Relax! - Christopher Hewett & Elizabeth Larner 2:03
16. Flattery - Elizabeth Larner & Dickie Henderson 3:06 
Selections from Paint Your Wagon - Original London Cast
17. (a) I'm On My Way - Chorus (b) Dialogue - Bobby & Sally Ann Howes c) I Still See Elisa - Bobby Howes 2:28 
18. (a) They Call The Wind Maria - Joe Leader (b) Dialogue - Bobby & Sally Ann Howes c) Wanderin' Star - Bobby Howes 3:27
19. (a) There's A Coach Comin' In - Chorus (b) Dialogue - Bobby & Sally Ann Howes c) All For Him - Sally Ann Howes (d) Another Autumn - Ken Cantril 3:18
20. (a) Dialogue - Sally Ann Howes & Ken Cantril (b) I Talk To The Trees - Ken Cantril c) How Can I Wait - Sally Ann Howes 2:47
Bonus Tracks:-
21. I Love Him As He Is - Sally Ann Howes 4:18
22. I've Never Been In Love Before - Jerry Wayne 3:00
23. Luck Be A Lady - Jerry Wayne 2:42
24. If I Were A Bell - Lizbeth Webb 2:45
25. I've Never Been In Love Before - Lizbeth Webb 2:43
26. My Time Of Day - Jerry Wayne 3:01
27. I'll Know - Jerry Wayne 2:45

Title: Wish You Were Here / Paint Your Wagon
Artist: Original London Cast - Shani Wallis, Bruce Trent, Dickie Henderson, Elizabeth Larner / Bobby Howes, Sally Ann Howes
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1030
Barcode: 5055122110309
Release Date: 8 March 2004

1953 saw two hit musicals in London's West End, both imported from Broadway. "Wish You Were Here" had a hit title song and was billed as "the musical with a swimming pool" and because of the ever present pool, the show offered a young cast in skimpy swimwear. Set in Butlins, the story told of a typist going for a holiday in which she gave up one boyfriend to find another with just a temporary loss of romance due to a lovers' misunderstanding. It starred Shani Wallis, Elizabeth Larner, Bruce Trent and Dickie Henderson.

"Paint Your Wagon" had the magical casting of long time star Bobby Howes and his daughter Sally Ann playing father and daughter on stage. It was the tale of gold prospectors who find gold and then love only to lose both but by the final curtain our heroine had regained love, if not wealth. "Wagon" introduced British audiences to "They Call The Wind Maria", "I Talk To The Trees" and "Wanderin' Star".

Bonus tracks include songs from "Guys and Dolls" recorded by Jerry Wayne and Lizbeth Webb who played the leads in the London production.

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