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1. Peter Pan Selection Part 1 - J. H. Squire Celeste Octet 3:51
2. Peter Pan Selection Part 2 - J. H. Squire Celeste Octet 3:46
3. The Nursery Scene - Jean Forbes-Robertson & Dinah Sheridan 6:52
4. The Home Under The Ground - J. Forbes-Robertson & D. Sheridan 3:29
5. (i) Hook's Monologue - Gordon Harker
(ii) The Pirate's Song - George Baker 3:14
6. (i) Captain Hook's Song - George Baker
(ii) Lullaby - Nancy Evans
(iii) We'll Build A House For Wendy - Dinah Sheridan 3:13
7. Jolly Tunes from the Incidental Music - Orchestra 2:59

Scenes from J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan - Special adaptation for children of all ages: Jean Arthur as Peter Pan, Boris Karloff as Captain Hook, Marcia Henderson as Wendy, Miriam Wolfe as Nana

8. Part One 3:25
9. Part Two 2:53
10. Part Three 3:13
11. Part Four 3:00

Songs from the 1950 Broadway production of J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan

12. Who am I? - Marcia Henderson 2:27 
13. The Pirate Song - Boris Karloff 2:00
14. Build My House - Marcia Henderson 1:28
15. Peter, Peter - Marcia Henderson 0:58
16. The Plank Song - Boris Karloff 0:46

Bonus Tracksnus Tracks:
17. "Peter Pan" - You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly; A Pirate's Life; Following The Leader - Gilbert Harding and Narrated by Jean Metcalfe 3:13
18. "Peter Pan" - Your Mother And Mine; Never Smile At A Crocodile; The Second Star To The Right - Jean Carson, Hermione Gingold, Gary Miller and Narrated by Jean Metcalfe 3:30
19. The Second Star To The Right - Doris Day 3:10
20. You Can Fly - The Sandpipers, Anne Lloyd, Dan Ocko, David Anderson 1:33
21. March Of The Lost Boys - The Sandpipers, Anne Lloyd, Dan Ocko, David Anderson 1:19
22. What Made The Red Man Red - The Sandpipers, Anne Lloyd, Dan Ocko, David Anderson 1:32
23. Your Mother And Mine - Doris Day 2:27
24. Never Smile At A Crocodile - The Sandpiper Singers 1:26
25. Peter Pan's Song - The Sandpiper Singers 1:26

26. Peter Pan (I Love You) - Waring's Pennsylvanians 2:32
27. Peter Pan (I Love You) - Henry Burr 3:24

Title: 100 Years of Peter Pan
Artist: Various
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1037
Barcode: 842704003723
Release Date: 4 October 2004

Peter Pan celebrates his 100th birthday in December 2004. Sepia is commemorating his centenary with this compilation CD featuring 27 tracks from the various productions of "Peter Pan". All tracks have been digitally re-mastered utilising the 24 Bit Cedar system.

The CD begins with 2 tracks recorded in 1929 featuring John Crook's music from the original 1904 stage production performed by the J. H. Squire Celeste Octet. The 6 sides recorded in 1940 with Jean Forbes-Robertson as Peter and Dinah Sheridan as Wendy follow. Jean was one of the most popular "Peter Pans" of the British stage playing the role in 1927-1934 and in 1938. Hollywood star Jean Arthur played "Peter Pan" on Broadway in 1950 with Boris Karloff as Captain Hook in a production with songs by Leonard Bernstein and we have featured the 6 songs from it. A separate recording, a special adaptation for children featuring most of the Broadway cast, was also recorded and released on a 2 x 78 record set and these 4 rare sides are heard on this CD.

1953 saw the Walt Disney cartoon feature of "Peter Pan" with new songs. We offer "cover versions" of the songs from the soundtrack performed by Doris Day, Hermione Gingold, Jean Carson and The Sandpipers. And we end the CD with "Peter Pan, I Love You", a song not featured in any "Peter Pan" production but written as a tribute to Peter Pan in the 1920s. The 2 versions here were recorded in the 1925.

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