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1. Ev'rything I've Got - Betty Garrett & Milton Berle 2:43
2. Manhattan - Betty Garrett & Vic Damone 2:57
3. Ok'l Baby Dok'l 2:59
4. There Ought To Be A Society 2:52
5. Don't Blame Me 2:52
6. I'm Gonna See A Lot Of You 2:46
7. Buttons And Bows 2:55
8. The Matador 2:56
9. The Pussy Cat Song - Betty Garrett & Jimmy Durante 3:03
10. Any State In The Forty-Eight Is Great - Betty & Jimmy 2:58
11. There's A Small Hotel 2:29
12. Yes, Indeedy - Betty Garrett & Gene Kelly 3:01 
13. Take Me Out To The Ball Game - Betty & Gene 2:23
14. The Humphrey Bogart Rhumba 2:42
15. Can I Come In For A Second? - Betty Garrett & Larry Parks 2:40
16. Reckon I'm In Love - Betty & Larry 2:16
17. Side By Side - Betty & Larry 2:41 
18. Hand Holdin' Music 2:35
19. Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep, Go To Sleep - Betty & Larry 2:54 
20. Written Guarantee - Betty & Larry 2:27
21. A Lazy Lack-A-Daisy Day - Betty & Larry 3:00
22. I'm Strictly On The Corny Side 2:32
23. It's A Quiet Town 2:33
24. Home Cookin' 2:49
25. Poison Ivy 2:51
26. Don't Throw Cold Water On The Flame Of Love 2:20
27. The Soft Shoe 2:37
28. Go 2:27

Title: Star of Stage and Screen
Artist: Betty Garrett
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1038
Barcode: 842704003822
Release Date: 4 October 2004

Betty Garrett was an established musical actress on Broadway (starring in the 1946 hit show "Call Me Mister" where she introduced "South America, Take It Away") when MGM beckoned. Fans of Hollywood musicals will remember her in films such as "Words And Music", "Take Me Out To The Ball Game", "Neptune's Daughter" and the classic "On The Town" where she played Brunhilde Esterhazy, the man-chasing taxi driver.

Married to actor Larry Parks (star of "The Jolson Story"), the late 1940s were good for Betty and Larry. They were popular and made many films but in 1951 Larry Parks admitted he had been a Communist. From that day onwards the couple were shunned and blacklisted. The film offers dried up so the couple toured Britain with their act and headlined The London Palladium where they scored a great success with the British public. They toured Britain 4 times.

It took Betty Garrett 20 years to recover from this setback. In 1973 she joined the cast of TV's "All in the Family", the American version of the British "Till Death Do Us Apart", where she remained for 3 years before moving to another TV hit show, "Laverne and Shirley" in 1976. In 1989 Betty returned to Broadway starring in the stage musical of "Meet Me In St. Louis" and was recently seen in the 2001 Broadway production of "Follies".

The 28 tracks on this CD were recorded between 1947 and 1953. We have included standards and novelty numbers; songs from her films; her only US Top Ten hit - Buttons and Bows; and the duets with Larry Parks, Gene Kelly and Jimmy Durante. This is the first Betty Garrett solo CD and almost all of the tracks are appearing on CD for the first time.

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