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Dinah Shore Sings Songs from Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick(SEPIA 1039)

Dinah Shore Sings Songs from Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick

1. Chores - Dinah Shore & Alan Young 2:49
2. My Beloved - Robert Merrill 3:28
3. Saturday Night In Punkin Crick 3:07
4. Why Should I Believe In Love 3:13
5. Still Water - Robert Merrill 3:28
6. Purt Nigh But Not Plumb - Dinah Shore & Alan Young 3:36
7. Life Is A Beautiful Thing 2:18
8. Marshmallow Moon 3:27
9. Down In Nashville, Tennessee 2:29 
10. Wait For Me 2:50
11. I'm Through With Love 3:10
12. Makin' Whoopee 3:01
13. My Isle Of Golden Dreams 3:02
14. The Lie-De-Lie Song 2:41
15. Bella Musica 3:07
16. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo 2:16
17. Keep It A Secret 2:35 
18. Let Me Know 2:26
19. Why Come Crying To Me 2:30
20. Sweet Thing 1:41
21. I'm Your Girl 2:47
22. Marriage Type Love 2:20 
23. Eternally 3:20
24. Choo Choo Train 2:31 
25. Reflections On The Water 3:01
26. Changing Partners 2:36
27. Think 2:28


Title: Dinah Shore Sings Songs from Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick
Artist: Dinah Shore
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1039
Barcode: 842704003921
Release Date: 4 October 2004

Dinah Shore was a major player in the world of entertainment for decades. One of the most popular female vocalists of the 1940-1955 era she became a solo star almost immediately after her brief stay with the Xavier Cugat band, but her greatest fame came with her 1951-1962 TV variety series, which was followed in the 1970s by a popular talk show.

In 1951 Dinah Shore headed the cast of a "Technicolor" film adaptation of a period play from 1919, Aaron Slick From Punkin Crick (Marshmallow Moon in the UK). The story concerns a small town widow tricked into selling her farm by city slickers who believe the land contains oil but who are in turn outwitted by a shrewd farmer who ends up marrying the widow. The Oscar-winning team of Livingston and Evans were commissioned to contribute songs for the film to showcase Miss Shore's talent.

This CD features the 8 songs from the film plus 19 others recorded in the early part of the 1950s. Many are appearing on CD for the first time.

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