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1. Oh, What A Century It's Been - Chorus 3:55
2. I Knew That You Would Be My Love - Vanessa Lee, Peter Graves 2:23
3. Mr. Hopper's Chanty - Graham Payn, Dennis Bowen, Tom Gill 2:23
4. Sweet Day - Vanessa Lee 3:28
5. Quartette - Chorus 2:22
6. Crème De La Crème - Chorus 2:17
7. Light Is The Heart - Mary Ellis 3:10
8. Why Is It The Woman Who Pays - Chorus 4:44
9. London At Night - Chorus 2:49
10. Aria - Vanessa Lee 4:35
11. May I Have The Pleasure - Graham Payn, Irene Browne 2:02
12. All My Life Ago - Mary Ellis 2:40
13. Faraway Land - Graham Payn, Patricia Cree 4:05
14. Something On A Tray - Irene Browne 2:41
15. Clear Bright Morning - Vanessa Lee 2:08
16. Reprise: London At Night - Chorus 2:06
17. Matelot - Graham Payn 3:18
18. Sigh No More - Graham Payn 3:11
19. Dear Madame Salvador / My Horse Has Cast A Shoe - Mary Martin And Graham Payn 4:30
20. Bright Was The Day - Mary Martin And Graham Payn 4:47
21. Fumfumbolo - Graham Payn 4:30
22. In A Boat On A Lake With My Darling (Live Recording) - Graham Payn 3:43
23. Finder, Please Return - Vanessa Lee 3:08
24. On Such A Night As This - Vanessa Lee 3:07

Title: After the Ball
Artist: Original London Cast - Mary Ellis, Vanessa Lee, Graham Payn etc
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1043
Barcode: 5055122110439
Release Date: 1 February 2005

Based on Oscar Wilde's Lady Windermere's Fan; with score by The Master Noel Coward and headed by a star-studded cast - Mary Ellis, Vanessa Lee, Peter Graves, Graham Payn, Irene Browne, a who's-who of the then London stage, it seemed extraordinary that After the Ball only managed 188 performances. Perhaps the combination of Wilde and Coward did not work but the score is top quality and Coward supplied a charming set of lyrics.

This would be the last major stage appearance for Mary Ellis, the American born star who had reigned the West End stage between the two world wars achieving great success in Jerome Kern's Music in the Air and two shows by Ivor Novello - The Dancing Years and Glamorous Night.

For bonus tracks we have included performances from three other Coward productions - Graham Payn singing "Matelot" and "Sigh No More" from the revue Sigh No More and selections from Pacific 1860 performed by the stars Mary Martin and Graham Payn. We have also included a "live" recording introduced by Coward of Payn singing "In A Boat On A Lake With My Darling" from Ace of Clubs.

Vanessa Lee was discovered by Ivor Novello who starred her in his King's Rhapsody and made her a star over night. She recorded Novello's "Finder, Please Return" and "On Such A Night As This" from his final production Gay's the Word and these two songs complete our bonus track selection.

"... it is good to have this at last on CD. The generous fill-up tracks include six more Coward numbers sung by Graham Payn, and a couple of Novello done by Vanessa Lee. ..well-presented, with photographs and copies of the original artwork or programme."

Patrick O'Connor, Gramophone, July 2005

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