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1. Hashkivenu - Danny Thomas 2:56
2. Just One Of Those Things - Peggy Lee 3:18
3. Living The Life I Love - Danny Thomas 3:10
4. This Is A Very Special Day - Peggy Lee 2:34
5. This Is A Very Special Day - Danny Thomas 2:48
6. Oh Moon - Danny Thomas 2:25
7. I Hear The Music Now - Peggy Lee 2:48
8. I Hear The Music Now - Danny Thomas 2:34
9. Lover - Peggy Lee 3:17
10. The Birth Of The Blues - Danny Thomas 2:23
11. Hush-A-Bye - Danny Thomas 2:43
12. Kol Nidre - Danny Thomas 2:14
13. Ain'tcha Ever Comin' Back - Peggy Lee 2:43
14. I Wanna Go Where You Go, Then I'll Be Happy - Peggy Lee 2:42
15. Ay Ay Chug Chug - Peggy Lee 3:15
16. That Ol' Devil - Peggy Lee 2:30
17. If You Turn Me Down - Peggy Lee 2:24
18. Boulevard Cafe - Peggy Lee 2:44
19. It Never Happen' To Me - Peggy Lee 2:27
20. Shame On You - Peggy Lee 2:34
21. Goin' On A Hayride - Peggy Lee 2:03
22. Forgive Me - Peggy Lee 2:50
23. I Went Merrily, Merrily On My Way - Danny Thomas 2:48
24. Minor Melody - Danny Thomas 2:40
25. Finish The Fineesh - Danny Thomas 2:47
26. Anyone With A Million Dollars - Danny Thomas 2:29
27. Calypso Joe - Danny Thomas 3:15
28. Archeologist's Lament - Danny Thomas 2:57

Title: Songs from "The Jazz Singer"
Artist: Danny Thomas & Peggy Lee
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1055
Barcode: 5055122110552
Release Date: 6 September 2005

The 1952 film of The Jazz Singer was a remake of the classic Al Jolson movie. Playing the lead was popular entertainer Danny Thomas and making her screen debut as his girlfriend was Peggy Lee. The film gave Thomas the opportunity to perform some of his light comedy routines and a selection of tunes including a couple of sacred songs. Peggy Lee played a Broadway star, a role that guaranteed her the chance to sing on screen. Lee had just charted with her version of Lover and the song's popularity ensured it's inclusion in the film. Due to both artists being contracted to rival record labels the duets performed on screen by the lovers were never recorded for commercial release. Instead, the songs were recorded individually for each respective record company. All the versions are included here.

The ten Peggy Lee bonus tracks will be welcome by her fans for as far as we know every one of these tracks is appearing on CD for the very first time. We finish the collection with six Danny Thomas bonus tracks of which two are from The Unfinished Dance, a film he starred with Cyd Charisse.

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