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1. The Song From Moulin Rouge 3:11
2. May Not Remember Your Name 3:01
3. How Did He Look 2:52
4. Embrasse 3:22
5. Melancolie 3:14
6. Ma Curly Headed Babby 3:18
7. Love Affair 2:51
8. Jole John 2:33
9. My Love Belongs To You 2:52
10. How Long Has This Been Going On! 3:02
11. Blue Star 2:36
12. My Love's A Gentle Man 2:49
13. All At Once 2:45
14. Wanting And Loving 3:05
15. Surrender To Me 2:49
16. This Is Real 2:35
Felicia Sanders At The Blue Angel (Tracks 17-28)
17. Come Rain Or Come Shine 2:50
18. Speaking Of Love 2:06
19. If I Love Again 2:47
20. It Might As Well Be Spring 2:39
21. I Wanna Be Loved 2:51
22. Baby - Did You Hear? 2:29
23. Something Cool 2:39
24. My Funny Valentine 2:08
25. You Make Me Feel So Young 1:32
26. (Ah, The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young 3:12
27. Old Devil Moon 2:39
28. The Song From Moulin Rouge 2:42

Title: The Song From Moulin Rouge / Felicia At The Blue Angel
Artist: Felicia Sanders
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1073
Barcode: 5055122110736
Release Date:
4 July 2006

A Cinderella story unfolded in 1953 when a thirty-one-year-old singer was hired to appear on a single by Percy Faith, one of Columbia Records' star maestros. Felicia Sanders was assigned a lilting waltz from Moulin Rouge, a film bio of Toulouse-Lautrec. "The Song from Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)" would hold the number-one position for ten weeks. Sanders walked away with her own record deal, and garnered several other distinctions. She introduced "Fly Me to the Moon" at the Blue Angel, New York's chicest cabaret; performed regularly on national TV; and sang for long stretches at the Bon Soir, the Greenwich Village club that helped launch Barbra Streisand.

But Sanders is all but forgotten today and this collection of her work on Columbia (1953-1955) is her long-overdue first CD.

Sanders was singing at Hollywood's Café Gala where Benny Carter heard her and pitched her to Mitch Miller, who headed Columbia's pop department. "Moulin Rouge" resulted. More French ballads in the "Moulin Rouge" vein followed. "Surrender to Me" and "This Is Real" came from a European movie flop, Lola Montès. But only "Blue Star," the theme of a mid-'50s U.S. TV series, The Medic, entered the top thirty. And on the other titles – an enduring tearjerker, "How Did He Look?"; "How Long Has This Been Going On?"; a pretty lullaby, "Ma Curly Headed Babby" – her acting ability shines.

You'll hear more of that on her first LP, Felicia Sanders at the Blue Angel. Though a simulated live album with canned applause, it captures much of her onstage magic. Chestnuts such as "My Funny Valentine" and "Old Devil Moon" had rarely been probed so incisively, while a torch song from 1934, "If I Love Again," shows off one of the more heart-tugging deliveries ever to be heard in a cabaret. Sanders would make only four more albums in a career that dwindled by the late '60s. But she's ripe for rediscovery, and this CD is the welcome first step.

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