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1. The Whole World Is Singing My Song 2:51
2. Too Many Times 2:45
3. I Tipped My Hat And Slowly Rode Away 2:42
4. If This Isn't Love 2:52
5. Jack, Jack, Jack (Cu-Tu-Gu-Ru) 2:49
6. Oh! My Achin' Heart 3:03
7. The Turntable Song 2:32
8. Civilization 3:09
9. Don't You Love Me Anymore 2:58
10. My Rancho Rio Grande 2:47
11. Shauny O'shea 2:47
12. Teresa 2:57
13. Hannah In Savannah 3:01
14. Big Brass Band From Brazil 3:01
15. I Wish I Knew The Name 2:53
16. Baby Face 2:47
17. Takin' Miss Mary To The Ball 2:43
18. Tea Leaves 2:29
19. You Call Everybody Darling 2:57
20. Cuanto Le Gusta 2:04
21. Lavender Blue 2:32
22. A Strawberry Moon 2:20
23. Coca Roca 2:19
24. Cruising Down The River 2:13
25. The Corn Belt Symphony 2:43
26. Sunflower 2:09
27. Senora 2:24
28. Busy Doing Nothing 2:38
29. Enjoy Yourself 2:28

Title: Jack Smith Sings "Jack, Jack, Jack"
Artist: Jack Smith
Catalogue No: SEPIA 1074
Barcode: 5055122110743
Release Date: 4 July 2006

Let's clear it up straightaway! The Jack Smith who is the subject of this CD is not to be confused with "Whispering" Jack Smith, a popular singer of the Roaring Twenties, although he is equally deserving of a suitable nickname. In this case, it's "Smilin'" Jack Smith, for reasons that will be explained later.

In 1931 the sixteen-year old Jack and two friends found themselves replacing The Rhythm Boys (Bing Crosby, Al Rinker and Harry Barris) at the famous Coconut Grove. Jack, as the soloist for the trio, known as The Three Ambassadors, got to sing all the Bing Crosby numbers and as time passed the trio's popularity grew, with more work opportunities than they could handle. Jack began to get solo offers and the trio eventually broke up in 1939.

With his friendly, engaging voice, Jack was perfect for radio and became a regular on THE PRUDENTIAL HOUR, where Jack's solo spot allowed him to perform the popular hits of the day. Fan mail started to roll in, and many of the letters commented that he sounded like he was smiling and the show's host, latching on to this, was soon introducing him as "Smilin' Jack". Inevitably, a record contract followed and Jack enjoyed a string of hits on the Capitol label, all of which are included here.

When television started to affect even the most popular radio shows Jack became a game show host on television that paved the way for his long-running role as host of the incredibly successful TV show YOU ASKED FOR IT, which he took over in 1958, beginning an association that lasted until 1991. It is the happy songs collected here on CD for the first time that were his most successful and which indisputably prove the reason he was dubbed "Smilin' Jack" all those years ago.

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