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1. You're But Oh So Right - Gordon Macrae 2:55
2. Kiss Me Or I'll Scream - Jane Powell 2:18
3. The Lately Song - Gordon Macrae & Jane Powell 2:10
4. There Must Be A Reason - Gordon Macrae & Jane Powell 2:10
5. When It's Love - Jane Powell & Gordon Macrae 1:59
6. My Heart Is A Singing Heart - Gordon Macrae & Jane Powell 2:56
7. Show Me A Happy Woman - Jane Powell & Gordon Macrae 2:20
8. Face To Face - Gordon Macrae 3:11
9. Home Is Where The Heart Is - Gordon Macrae & Jane Powell 3:37
10. Open Your Arms - Gordon Macrae 2:53
11. Coney Island Boat - Gordon Macrae & June Hutton 2:30
12. Cara Mia - Gordon Macrae 2:49
13. Count Your Blessings - Gordon Macrae 3:02
14. Something Wonderful - Jane Powell 2:39
15. Hello, Young Lovers - Jane Powell 3:13
16. Love Can Change The Stars - Gordon Macrae 2:59
17.Here's What I'm Here For - Gordon Macrae 2:34
18. You Forgot - Gordon Macrae 2:29
19. Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay - Gordon Macrae 2:30
20. Mind If I Make Love To You - Jane Powell 2:55
21. True Love - Jane Powell 2:45
22. Follow Your Heart - Gordon Macrae 2:43
23. Bella Notte - Gordon Macrae 2:52
24. Why Break The Heart That Loves You - Gordon Macrae 2:09
25. Jim Bowie - Gordon Macrae 2:36
26. I Whistle A Happy Tune - Jane Powell 2:33
27. We Kiss In A Shadow - Jane Powell 3:19
28. A Woman In Love - Gordon Macrae 2:58
29. A Wonderful Christmas - Gordon Macrae 2:04

Title: 3 Sailors And A Girl (Original Film Soundtrack)
Jane Powell & Gordon MacRae
Catalogue No:
SEPIA 1083
Release Date:
6 November 2006

The year was 1953, film musicals were thriving and Warner Brothers teamed together for "3 Sailor And A Girl" Gordon MacRae and Jane Powell, two of the most promising talents around. Gordon had recently been seen in a bunch of movies with Doris Day including "Moonlight Bay" and "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon" whilst Jane had starred alongside Fred Astaire in "Wedding Bells" (or "Royal Wedding" if you are reading this in America!). Even greater success would come to these two stars shortly afterwards when Gordon took the roles in the filmed versions of two of Rodgers & Hammerstein's musicals, "Oklahoma!" and "Carousel" and Jane captivated not only Howard Keel, but all of us in "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers".

In "3 Sailors" Gordon plays the romantic, singing sailor and Jane is the talented actress who deserves to be a star. The plot concerns the sailors' efforts to make Miss Powell the star of a Broadway musical. Naturally the sailors have insufficient funds, even with the help of their shipmates, but then the Marines come to the rescue, and in the end the Broadway Show is a resounding hit. The score was composed by the team of Sammy Cahn and Sammy Fain - one of the songs ‘Face To Face' made the American Top 30.

For bonus tracks we have added six tracks by Jane that include a version of Cole Porter's ‘True Love' which was a big seller for her. Although Gordon MacRae has been well served on CD, there are still rare tracks to be found and we have included many here. Gordon MacRae was the perfect foil for many leading ladies – on disc he was teamed most successfully with Jo Stafford (SEPIA 1033 - Stars Of The Summer Night) and when she left for Columbia, June Hutton replaced her (SEPIA 1040 - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon) – one of the June/Gordon tracks "Coney Island Boat" has been included here as a bonus. Gordon MacRae stands as one of the most under-rated vocalists from the age of popular song and we are once again proud to present him – minus the other two sailors – with the girl. Welcome back Gordon and Jane.

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