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Classic British Film Themes & Songs 1940-44 (2 CD Set)  (SEPIA 1391)

CD 1

1. Cinema Fanfare - Leon Berry at The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ
2. Bolero - Al Bollington
3. Pathe News Fanfare (Music from The Movies) - Gaumont British Symphony Orchestra
4. Newsreel - Deanna Durbin
5. Gainsborough Pictures Fanfare - Gaumont British Symphony Orchestra 
6. The Only One Who's Difficult Is You - Pat Kirkwood
7. Heaven Will Be Heavenly - Pat Kirkwood
8. Irene - The Kings Men
9. Alice Blue Gown - Martha Tilton
10. Castle Of Dreams - The Three Debutantes
11. Out On A Limb - Stuart Robertson
12. Alice Blue Gown - Anna Neagle
13. Yesterday's Dreams - Bud Flanagan and Chesney Allen
14. All Over The Place - Tommy Trinder with The Three Ginx
15. Sing A Happy-Go-Lucky Song - Tommy Trinder
16. The Warsaw Concerto - Louis Kentner
17. 49th Parallel Prelude - London Symphony Orchestra 
18. You'll Love The Army - Evelyn Dall
19. Why Can't It Happen To Me - Anne Shelton
20. Got A Bee In My Bonnet - Arthur Askey And Evelyn Dall
21. The Night Has Eyes - Queen's Hall Light Orchestra 
22. Be Like The Kettle And Sing - Vera Lynn
23. After The Rain - Vera Lynn 
24. I'm Yours Sincerely - Vera Lynn
25. All The World Sings A Lullaby - Vera Lynn 
26. We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn
27. The Romance Of The Odeon - At Your Service
28. Coming Attractions Fanfare
29. The Wizard Of Oz - Herbert Stothart And Orchestra
30. Ragamuffin Romeo - Terence Casey 

CD 2

1. J. Arthur Rank Organisation Fanfare
2. Spitfire Prelude - The Halle Orchestra
3. Spitfire Fugue - Lawrence Turner 
4. The Life And Death Of Colonel Blimp Prelude - Allan Gray And Orchestra
5. Commando Patrol - The Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra
6. 8:50 Choo Choo - Anne Shelton
7. A Fine How-Do-You-Do - Arthur Askey, Evelyn Dall And Jack Train
8. A Fine How-Do-You-Do (Studio Version) - Anne Shelton
9. You Too Can Have A Lovely Romance - Anne Shelton
10. I Love To Sing - Vera Lynn
11. With All My Heart - Vera Lynn
12. It Doesn't Cost A Dime - Vera Lynn
13. Champagne Charlie - Tommy Trinder
14. Everything Will Be Lovely / The Man On The Flying Trapeze - Tommy Trinder 
15. Come On Algernon - Betty Warren 
16. 'Arf Of 'Arf And 'Arf - Tommy Trinder
17. Rosanna - Monte Rey
18. Keep A Sunbeam In Your Pocket - Anne Shelton 
19. Don't Ever Leave Me - Anne Shelton
20. Don't Ever Leave Me (Studio Version) - Anne Shelton
21. One Exciting Night Film Selection: There's A New World Over The Skyline / You Can't Do Without Love / It's So Easy To Say Good Morning / My Prayer / One Love / It's Like Old Times - Philip Green And His Orchestra 
22. It's Like Old Times - Vera Lynn
23. It's So Easy To Say Good Morning - Vera Lynn 
24. One Love - Vera Lynn
25. You Can't Do Without Love - Vera Lynn 
26. My Prayer - Vera Lynn 
27. There's A New World Over The Skyline - Vera Lynn
28. National Anthem - Joseph Seal At The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ 
29. A.B.C. Parade: Play Out Music - Joseph Seal At The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ

Classic British Film Themes & Songs 1940-44 (2 CD Set)
Artist: Various
Catalogue No.: SEPIA 1391
Barcode: 505512211391
Release Date: August 2024

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"Classic British Film Themes & Songs" is a 2 CD set that salutes the British composers like Ralph Vaughn Williams, Richard Addinsell, Malcolm Arnold and many others who wrote for the films in the 1940s, delivering diverse film themes and songs that served all genres from musical comedy to high adventure. Additionally, this CD set serves to recreate through sounds, music and song what it was like to go to the cinema in Britain then. The songs and themes included have been drawn largely from studio acetates, playback discs, pre-recordings and rehearsal discs which were recorded and used at various stages of film production. Not intended for commercial release these rare recordings appear on CD for the very first time. 

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